Albanian Delegates together in Sochi, Russia 🇷🇺 for the world largest festival of Youth and Students in Russia – WFYS 2017 

Lda Albania delegates together in Sochi, Russia to promote peace, solidarity and social justice!

We love Albania, we love our country ❤️

By honoring our past we will build the future!

Thanks Embassy of Russia in Albania / Посольство России в Албании in supportin us.

With the honor of the Russian Federation President: Vladimir PUTIN

Special Thanks goes to Ministria për Evropën dhe Punët e Jashtme – Republika e Shqipërisë which provided us all the promotional and presentation materials of Albania in the International Exhibition Stage in Sochi, Russia.

Albanian Flag 🇦🇱 waved in Sochi, Russia by LDA Albanians Delegation together with Serbia 🇷🇸 and Macedonia 🇲🇰#FeelingProud #WeLoveAlbania #TogetherWithTheWholePlanet #WFYS2017 #LeadGlobally #


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