LDA Albania & Kosovo represents to you the Vice President of Human Resources at LDA Prishtina, Mr. Kristijan Ramaj

Kristijan Ramaj is Vice President of Human Resources at the Leadership Development Association of Pristina – LDA Prishina. He is currently a student in the last year of bachelor studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Prishtina. He has attended a series of national and international training and conferences, He is certified at “American Courner Prishtina” for Emotional Intelligence, and is also certified by the MDA “Menagment Development Associates” in the Entrepreneurial Skills Development. He has conducted several study visits in different countries within the framework of the NGO Youth Initiative for Human Rights – YiHR-KS, where he also attended the training – “Human Rights and Human Rights violation Documentation”. In May of 2017 he was a participant in “LEAP Summit International Conference “, organized by the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation, where he met for the first time with President of LDA Albania, Mr. Marilo Meta and other representatives of LDA Albania.

Throughout 2013-2016 Kristijan has been part of the board of the “Albanian Youth Action Pjetër Bogdani” NGO as a project coordinator and researcher. Now he is engaged as a legal assistant at the Private Enforcement Office “DB & Associates”.

Also, Kristijan attended the practice at two Kosovo Public Institutions, at the Ministry of Justice, at the Legal Department, He was also engaged as an assistant in the Kosovo Parliament, in the Directorate of Parliamentary Support Committees.

Kristijan proclaims: Since a gymnasiumI,  I was a part of civil society, animating volunteer projects by bringing together different causes for the good of the community, to continue in Pristina after enrolling at the University of Prishtina. I continued my activities alongside my studies, to give my contribution to the design of various youth projects, to create connecting bridges for young people, who belong to different ethnic backgrounds. “Just by having a clear and comprehensive vision, we can make the world a better place.


Prishtinë, 01.09.2017


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