LDA Albania represents to you the President of LDA Durrës, Ms. Paola Vasha

Paola Vasha is the Local President of Durrës of “Leadership Development Association Albania”. Academically, she is very developed as she is currently completing her bachelor studies in Law. She is in the third year in the Faculty of Law, University if Tirana.

During her studies at faculty, she was also dedicating her time learning German language. But, of course that happened after she had finished learning English since she was a child. Paola holds three certificates of her English studies: 1) Certificate of the Oxford Placement Test Council of Europe (2012); First Certificate of English (FCE) from Cambridge University (2013) and Certificate from Oxford English Placement Test according to Common European Framework of Reference for foreign languages (CEFR) (2014). The passion to further and deepen her personal and academic knowledge has led her to go further and pursue extracurricular activities such as trainings, seminars, international summer schools related to the law.

By 2017, Paola has successfully completed the Academy of Law. She was part of important projects with various topics related to “Justice Reform”, law enforcement, police and meetings in the City Council of Tirana. The visit to the “Laws Commission” helped her to know better how the parliamentary committees operate, as well as the visit to the plenary session of the Albanian Parliament. In the same year, Paola was certified professionally as “General Finance and Law specialist” at Elite Professional Academy. While one year ago, she participated in a very important international conference with the topic: “International Law and Society”.

Ms. Vasha also completed the international summer school of the Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey with the topic “International Law and Arbitration”. She has a proven track record of responsibility, integrity and commitment to objectives. She is comfortable working independently or as part of a team. The knowledge, skills and experience that she benefited have contributed greatly to her international career.

Her work does not only stop in fulfilling her obligations towards university subjects but also in her commitment to the non-political, independent and global organization Leadership Development Association Albania, in the post of the Local President for Durrës. Her volunteer work within the organization has made it possible to realize as many successful projects as possible for young people, a mission which is also a priority for the organization itself.


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