LDA Albania represents to you the Vice President of Finance Department, Ms. Rikela Fusha

Rikela Fusha is the Vice President of Finance Department and the Communication Officer of the Leadership Development Association of Albania. She is graduated with high results in University of Medicine Tirana , at department of Public Health. She is also certified professionally as general finance and law specialist at Akademia Profesionale Elita. Rikela is trained for project management from IPMA ( International Project Management Association ).

Rikela considers LDA presence in Albania as a great opportunity for the empowerment of youth capacities and as an international network where youngsters can share their experience and feedback about the actual developments of society.As long as the civil society is a mechanism where the capacities of the youths and young professionals are stimulated and appreciated , the progress of a country can be reached , even though transitions or unsafe passages that challenge nowdays reality. The worldwide focus is to strengthen the awareness of population for the importance of sustainable development goals.In this point , youth organizations have a mayor role as a mediator between communities and governments.

Rikela proclaims : I have been part of civil society for nearly four years.The platform of organizations is a great opportunity for me to express my commitment into issues that I consider priorities in my point of view.The collaboration between youths , the exchanges of values and experiences are a few of the factors that give a positive impact for a healthy international environment.


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