LDA International organizes LDA MUN in Tbilisi, Georgia 06-10 July 2017! Amazing opportunity, do not loose it, APPLY NOW!



    Model United Nations, also known as MUN, is an actual simulation of the United Nations. It is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates of the United Nations from different member countries and imitate UN committees. Participants of the LDA MUN will get a chance to reshape the important policies that hold the world together. This activity will take place at LDAMUN conference, which is organized by LDA International. Thousands of school, university and college students around the world participate in Model United Nations, MUN takes place at conferences and is organized by different nations worldwide. Our main superiority is Leadership Development Association, that is a global organization and already has ambassadors in over 25 countries.

   Our Secretary General is David-Jan Bosschaert, he is absolutely experienced and has great MUN career. Selected committees of the LDAMUN are very considerable and meaningful. Committees of the LDA Model UN are:

● The European Council;

● The United Nations Security Council;

● The Food and Agricultural Organization;

● The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees;

● The Disarmament and International Security Committee.

 MUN Conference is an amazing experience you should gain for sure, but it is said that if you catch the “MUN Fever”, you will realize it is the most intellectually stimulating and enjoyable fever you may get. Taking part in LDAMUN allows you to work on a lot of skills and benefits you will gain by joining MUN Conference.

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 LDAMUN will help you improve your skills and teach you the importance of researching. Searching the topic of debate is the most important thing you will do before and during the conference. Knowing and understanding your nation’s beliefs will allow you to negotiate, speak on the issue, convince others that your position is correct.

 Public Speaking

 LDA MUN will encourage public speaking, a skill that takes you far in life. It will make you confident in it and will help you overcome your fear of public speaking. Being a diplomatic initiative, the MUN is a great setting where people can try to face their fears. Indeed, every delegate will remember his or her first speech, the frightening sense in the stomach, but also the satisfaction and the congratulations will be received in the end.

Debating and Negotiating

 Negotiating is the fundamental skill of the diplomat, and you, as a delegate will practice this during the LDAMUN conference. MUN conferences are diplomatic simulations. Respect and cooperation are the fundamentals of the debate. LDAMUN will teach you how to be a good diplomat with increase your diplomacy and negotiation skill.  By discussing global affairs with people from around the world, you will learn to think beyond the frames of the communities you live in.

Resolution Writing

During the LDA MUN conference you will also improve your writing skills. A resolution is an official paper stating the UN organ’s position on a certain issue. Writing a resolution is the hardest thing a delegate does, as the differences between stances come out much more clearly when you debate something in writing.

 Leadership Abilities

The debate requires different people to fill different roles. As representative of a country, you will make a decision as a leader. Leadership skills are one of the most important, crucial characteristics you will need throughout your career and LDAMUN gives you a chance to practice them while you’re a student.


 Every MUN conference organizes social events, which is an opportunity to have a good time with the people you’ve met. LDAMUN will improve your social skills and give you friends from different countries. Meeting new people will be one of the biggest benefits of attending LDAMUN. Besides city trips, we’ve planned Gala-Night and closing party. Traditionally, the night before the closing ceremonies, the delegates always have lots of fun with enjoying the music and dances. The night before the closing ceremony of LDA MUN will be fantastic too. Georgia is known for its hospitality and we do believe that you will have lots of fun. Our social events will be undoubtedly unforgettable for you and It will be the chance for you to expand your friendship.


One of the most important things on LDAMUN will be presentation, both physically and verbally. LDAMUN will build your personality, from dress code to language filtration. From the developed nations to the underdeveloped all will be treated with honor and given a fair chance to represent. You will learn how to act like real diplomat. LDAMUN conference will work on a set of rules.


It is a fun way of learning about the world. In this era of globalization, being globally aware is essential. Once you have an assignment to represent a particular country, you will set up Google Alerts on specific topics and regions, but you’ll also need or want to know what’s generally going on in the world. LDAMUN will give you the gift of awareness of the world around you. You will find yourself reading the news, checking out headlines, keeping up with current events and becoming fully immersed. LDAMUN will make you more aware about what is happening in the world around you.


 LDAMUN gives you the chance to work with other and build your communication skills. The people you will meet are all of different races, nations and understandings. Being surrounded by youth who are just as passionate about human rights in this modern age of widespread apathy is incredibly refreshing.  Team working skills will be gained by making resolutions


If you like to travel, then you will love LDAMUN. We have planned already “Old Tbilisi Tour” for our conference participants. You will have a chance to see the attractions of the capital of Georgia. But this is not all, the conference participation fee includes another trip to the ancient capital of Georgia, Mtskheta.  Mtskheta – is the town-museum with ancient history and lots of landmarks.  The “Historical Monuments of Mtskheta” became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Therefore if you like to travel, LDAMUN gives you the best opportunity to explore beautiful Georgia, gather, interact with new people from different countries and find out more about specific cultures.


 Employers love to see extracurricular activities. An MUN experience is not only entertaining, it will look great on your resume as well. You will learn some hands on skills like leadership, management skills and negotiation. Employers love to see such skills and activities. You can leverage your LDAMUN experience to find job. Job interviewers look for examples of leadership and your experience as a delegate will be good example. LDAMUN will be good experience for those who want to work in International organizations in the future


 Committees show students that their voice is important, they matter and they are, indeed, capable of actuating change. LDAMUN will make you a fearless public speaker. Although a simple trait, confidence is lacking dearly in the world. What people need are characteristics of confidence and the commanding aura it has. LDAMUN will give you the opportunity to present your cases, views and opinions.

 Attending LDA Model United Nations Conference will shape a person as a more confident, mature, social, decisive, analytical, goal-oriented, knowledgeable and completely new person. Strange as it may seem, these are not only words, but actual improvements that are made to an individual.

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