50 Albanian applicants received FREE tickets at the 3 day LEAP ZAGREB Croatia Summit thanks to the international organization LDA Albania & Kosovo

LDA Albania & Kosovo a well known global organization, with representation in 30 countries in the World offered a new opportunity to the Albanian students and non-students by giving to them tickets for the extraordinary LEAP ZAGREB Summit with 100% DISCOUNT!

The world largest Summit


The partnership between LDA Albania and Kosovo and LEAP Croatia offered 100% DISCOUNT **FREE** tickets for Albanian & Kosovo participants students or non-students, activists of Civil Society Organization.

The ticket includes:
1- Full access to 3 days conference,
2- Assess to all 5 stages,
3-Business Lunch- Networking,
4-Special Networking for Entrepreneurs,
5-Support & Matchmaking,
6-Amazing talks from world-renowned speakers,
7-Access to workshops,
8-Full Access to all international networking events,
9-Open mic session,
10-Materials and refreshments,
11- International Certificate of Attendance,
12-Access to Exhibition hall,
13-Access to Lounge Area,
14-Party and rich non-formal program,
15-Access to “LEAP Attendees -only “Meetups,
16-Access to pre and post conference events,
17-Unlimited inspiration,
18- 10 EUR Discount with the Mobility Partner Flixbus
19- Surprise !!

LEAP Summit 2017 is a global 3 day conference, which will gather more than 2,000 young entrepreneurs, students, young professionals, NGO leaders, various experts and change-makers who are leaders in their respective communities.

The main focus of the conference is on themes connected to innovation, IT and modern technologies, entrepreneurship, career development and life-changing stories. At LEAP Summit we value interdisciplinarity. LEAP stands for Learn, Engage, Act, and Progress.

The Summit is a perfect combination of formal and non-formal program. Formal program consists of series of talks, panel sessions, workshops and interactive discussions. Non-formal program brings to participants rich networking program and a lot of interesting interactive sessions. LEAP Summit brings people from all over the world at one place to learn together in order to solve most pressing challenges of our time.


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