LEAPin Tirana Conference – 28 April 2017


The LEAPin Tirana Conference will host 14 speakers who will hold motivational speeches based in their true life experience making each participant go in retrospective with them in order to witness their struggles , crossroads , their hard work which eventually led to their personal success . These speeches will have one philosophy in common : How a dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement !

Our speakers are well-known individuals which have succeeded in areas of business , politics , multimedia , entrepreneurship etc. An important part of the Leap In Conference will be the model that we will inflict on youngsters about being civilly engaged and how being part of the community through taking actions will improve their future and will uplift the future of the other generations that will come . For these mere reasons we have invited as speakers a group of youngsters which have won “ Startup Albania “ in 2015 and have organized Startup for the years 2016 and 2017 . We believe that their team experience will develop an inspiring speech for our Leap In participants .18118717_1257562874299545_4139894024115794860_n18118977_1257562957632870_6295798367100385669_n18118925_1257562784299554_3894433098543533697_n18157192_1257562867632879_3824290368231061390_n18118664_1257562837632882_1153288632586330322_n18119341_1257562797632886_1385913485820496089_n18119500_1257562914299541_2084606493337789636_n18156990_1257562944299538_7736700792575880639_n18157246_1257562794299553_2168881592241246855_n18156977_1257562800966219_3262464777346722505_n18157694_1257562847632881_2405007755518095400_n

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