• LDA Albania is a non-governmental, not-for profit legal entity, which works under the constitutional guidelines of LDA International.
  • LDA is global, non-political, independent, non – profit organization run by young professionals. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership, entrepreneurship, professional growth and in many management area. LDA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, nationality, ethnic or social origin.
  • Vision

    To help young individuals to realize their potential, to work with potential of young people and to give every youngsters an opportunity to become leader and change maker in his/her community in order to live in the world where young generation will APPLY the skills of change making to solve complex problems of our societies.

  • Mission

    An International platform of the Foundation helps young individuals to develop their personal and professional skills through working within International environment. Together with success we also prefer to develop in young people ethical and moral principles, like added value. We believe young people potential is a movement for future, for better tomorrow.

  • Global Exchange Program

    This program provides exchange participant with an opportunity of working within international environment. It is 1-3 months volunteering internship which develops many skills: Leadership, teamwork, professional skills, etc. In addition to that, this opportunity helps students and recent graduates to expand their international connections and become global citizen. After finishing this program, all the exchange participants have an opportunity to become a member of organization and work on many projects and regular product flow of Leadership Development Association, which is additional experience in selling, marketing and customer service.

    In order to fullfil our vision we are providing new opportunities in the field of personal and professional development for young people. We are trying to bring excellence to youth work and personal development to young individuals. We are focus on ACTIVE and innovative non-formal education and informal learning, development of leadership skills of young people, organizing projects beneficial to the public and additionally making bridges of friendship and cooperation between 30 representative countries of LDA.

    We offer our innovative way of thinking in project management, cooperation in youth field, project consulting, personal coaching and various types of youth projects, trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences in national and international level.

    As sending and hosting organisation we select the participants and also train them about project topic and also cultural risks, language barrier, intercultural communication. We help them to plan their journey to the destination that project will be implemented. We do our best to select participants who would be active during project,responsible and would use the projects as an informal learning source not cheap holiday in abroad. We also help them to get visa if they need and provide legal documents for taking permission from their educational institute or work. We act as bridge between hosting organisation and participants.


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